Senior Programs


Civil Air Patrol depends upon a dedicated group of adult volunteers to carry out the CAP missions and oversee the daily operations of the cadet and composite units.
In addition to assisting with the cadet program, senior members (adults 18 years and older) have their own training program that includes milestones and awards designed specifically to recognize the accomplishments of our officers. Officers may choose from a number of "specialty tracks" that allow them to study areas of the Civil Air Patrol that appeal to their personal interests or experiences. As members accomplish training objectives, they also earn advanced grade and rank within the Civil Air Patrol.
Civil Air Patrol's assets and resources include, but are not limited to, 530 corporate owned aircraft, almost 950 ground vehicles and the most extensive communications system in the world. However, the organization's most valuable asset is its volunteers. Including training, members log in excess of 100,000 flying hours each year.
 However, you don't have to be a pilot to participate in the Civil Air Patrol. Members serve at many different levels and in many different capacities. One unique aspect of CAP is the training provided to help members fulfill the responsibilities of their jobs.

Some of the areas available for members to serve include

  • Communications
  • Administration
  • Chaplain
  • Public Affairs
  • Emergency Services
  • Logistics
  • Recruiting
  • Safety
  • Finance
  • Transportation
  • Personnel
  • Operations
  • Aerospace Education


Benefits of Joining:

Senior membership is open to adults 18 years old and older. Active seniors:
  • Participate in search and rescue operations and homeland security 
  • Assist federal agencies when disaster strikes 
  • Work with youth through cadet programs 
  • Support CAP's communications network -- the most extensive in the nation
To join the Union County Composite Squadron as a Senior Member, simply come to a weekly meeting at the Union County YMCA on Tuesday nights from 6:30-9 p.m.

Membership Dues (Seniors/Adults Only):

New Membership dues are $75, which includes the new member handbook.  Renewal dues are $65.

Cadet Sponsor is a special membership category that allows parents, grandparents and legal guardians to participate with their young relatives who are cadets. Cadet sponsors serve as chaperons and provide transportation during squadron activities. They are offered discounted membership dues and have a limited volunteer commitment.  Cadet Sponsor dues are $40.

For more great information, check out the Great Start booklet for Prospective and Active members:  Great Start booklet for adults (old version)

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