Aerospace Education

Teaching Ordinary Subjects in Extraordinary Ways:

Civil Air Patrol (CAP) promotes and supports aerospace education (AE), both for its own members and the general public. CAP educational programs help prepare American citizens to meet the challenges of a sophisticated aerospace society and understand its related issues. The mission of AE is to educate, inspire, and instill an appreciation for and an understanding of aerospace in today and tomorrow's world.

CAP offers national standards-based educational products, including a secondary textbook, Aerospace: The Journey of Flight, and the middle-school level Aerospace Dimensions. Aerospace Education teaches about aviation in all forms. Whether discussing the aerodynamics of aircraft lift and thrust to the Wright Brothers or the NASA Shuttle Missions, cadets as well as senior members (adults) learn about various aspects of aviation. Cadets also participate in orientation flights flown by trained CAP pilots in general aviation aircraft.

At Civil Air Patrol, the volunteer auxiliary of the U.S. Air Force, we're helping develop tomorrow's aerospace workforce.
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We offer CAP Cadets:
  • Orientation flights (powered and glider)
  • Encampment opportunities
  • Scholarships
  • Career Exploration Activities

CAP's aerospace education programs are nationally recognized:
  • Air Force Association's Vandenberg Award
  • National Aeronautics Association's Brewer Trophy
  • Space Foundation's Education Achievement Award.

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